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An open book on designing labour
Together with all the insights gained from the debates, experiences and practices the publications offers an overview of Social label from the birth 2011 until now. All tackled from different perspectives and highlight a range of sheltered workshops and social businesses, exploring what design can do for society in terms of social inclusion. From lessons learned in the process, to ‘a manifesto’ for a new economy based on human values: Social label – Socio economics celebrates the power of design and communication, and is a striking attempt to make a change in the Dutch system of labour, participation, and social return.

Message of inclusivity to Europe
In collaboration with leading designers and sheltered workshops all across the Netherlands – from care organisations to businesses – we are creating a design collection that builds a sense of self-worth and opens new perspectives. We are a platform for designing labour to create new opportunities and demonstrate what meaningful design can do to create an inclusive society with enjoyable work for all.

· Title: Design Works – An open book on designing labour
· Publisher: Social label foundation March 2017
· Directors: Petra Janssen (Studio Boot) & Simone Kramer (C-mone)
· ISBN/EAN: 978-90-817185-9-2
· Art direction & graphic design: Studio Boot
· Photography: Rene van der Hulst, Petra Janssen (Studio Boot),
· Bonnita Postma
· Pages: 144 pages, adhesive binding
· Paper: Lessebo Design White. 1.3
· Languages: Dutch & English (in one)
· Print run: 400

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